Athletic Cosmetics: Product Review

If you’re like most hardcore women, you don’t “glow” when you work out — you sweat! But just because you’re a beast in the gym doesn’t mean you have to look like one. Here are two super-clean vegan products that can help you stay radiant before, during and after your workout.

Athletic Cosmetics G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) Mascara

Many mascaras can’t hold up to the rigors of an intense workout, but step aside wimpy wands — the GOAT is in town. This mascara is made specifically for athletes, and promises to be sweatproof, smudgeproof and waterproof. So we decided to put it to the test over the course of three days. 

According to their website, the GOAT contains non-toxic ingredients as well as lash-strengthening peptides and hyaluronic acid for conditioning. And indeed, it went on smoothly and evenly, and didn’t clump or feel heavy or sticky. Layering it resulted in a thicker look, but without the thicker feel. 

Each of the three applications stood up well against a different challenge: day 1 — two hours of competitive pickleball (in intense heat); day 2 — snorkeling and swimming at the beach; and day 3 — a CrossFit workout in a warehouse with no A/C. Remarkably, none of these activities could smear, smudge or budge the GOAT, and there was nary a racoon eye in sight — even after sunscreen, salt water and sand!

However, being the best sweat-, smudge-, and waterproof mascara means it really, really does not want to come off, and removing it effectively required a little trial and error. Neither soap and water or eye cream was particularly effective, but a dedicated micellar makeup-removing wipe did the trick. Overall, however, it is a great addition to any athlete’s daily makeup routine.


…the look and lightness

…the endurance and longevity

…the natural, clean ingredients

Didn’t love 

…the challenging removal

Athletic Cosmetic Hyaluronic Powerhouse 

While a good sweat is great for your mental and physical wellbeing, it can take a toll on the thin, sensitive skin of your face and neck. If you really stop to think about it, even though your muscles are doing work, your skin is doing the sweating! And it, too, needs a little quenching post-workout.

There are a lot of hyaluronic acids on the market, so we decided to see what gives this one its “powerhouse” moniker. Yes, this 100-percent pure hyaluronic acid is made from plants, and contains no oils or pore-clogging ingredients, but because your face needs tender loving care all day long, we put it to the test before, during and after a workout to see how it performed.

Sometimes in the bright morning light, your fine lines and wrinkles are more noticeable. A light application of the serum after showering resulted in a lovely cooling effect, and after a few minutes it had completely absorbed and there was a definite tightness in the skin of the face and neck that wasn’t there before. A layer of sunscreen and a little makeup went on easily overtop of it, as well. 

Having a quick reapplication after lunch and before exercising was refreshing and uplifting, and the cooling effect was much appreciated in the heat of the day. However, the gel serum really stood out post-workout: the cooling sensation was also calming and soothing, and the gel did a great job of rehydrating the skin and helping it recover.

So does the Hyaluronic Powerhouse really stand up to its name? Yes, it does, and it can be used any time of day for instant satisfaction.


…the lightness 

…the cooling, firming and hydrating

…the natural, clean ingredients 

Great Things About Athletic Cosmetic Company
  • It is a female-run company founded by two powerhouse women with decades of experience in beauty and athletics.
  • Their products are vegan, and contain no animal derivatives at all.
  • Their products also are fragrance-, cruelty- and oil-free.
  • They are a conscious company, using glass or 90+ percent post-recycled plastic for the products, and sustainably sourced paper for the packaging. 

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