Strength in Numbers: Strength Coaching Formats to Watch

There are so many benefits to working out with a crowd, and coaches thrive on this vibrant energy as much as gym-goers do. Community-based functional training programs inspire motivation and bring on a sense of inclusivity that’s unmatched. Not only do exercises grow with the help of their coaches, but the growth potential for coaches is also boundless, with many fitness formats offering rewarding career paths worth working towards.

Here, we’re highlighting the three hottest strength and conditioning fitness programs to watch out for right now. With so many opportunities booming for these programs now and on the horizon, there’s no better time to consider joining.


HYROX, the world’s first and largest indoor mass-participation fitness race, adapted its winning format to the HYROX365 Group Training Program, designed for all skill levels to make fitness racing inclusive and accessible for all. And coaches are the center of this unique community-based training experience.

“With guidance from certified HYROX coaches, these group trainings cover all aspects of highly functional athletic training and the HYROX race — and they provide an excellent opportunity for athletes to train together, learn from each other, and push each other towards achieving their fitness and race goals,” says Douglas Gremmen HYROX USA & UK Managing Director.

HYROX has a 365 approach to its programs, optimizing all parts of the program from the athletes’ to the coaches’ experiences. The comprehensive timing system allows athletes to see all their relevant time splits and evaluate their performance against others, so coaches can inspire them to train for something specific, exciting, and challenging.

HYROX365 has an entire coach education system known as the HYROX Academy, a multi-level online course designed to provide coaches with all the tools they need to succeed. As a coach, you can now take the Foundations course, which provides an intro to HYROX365 fundamentals. The rest of the courses (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) will be released by 2025, offering education and guidance for those who own or want to start their own business, whether that’s a HYROX Training Club (formerly known as HYROX Partner Gym) or a HYROX Performance Center.

What’s more, all partner gyms in the HYROX365 Program have access to eight HYROX training workouts per week, spread across four formats: Foundational Training, Engine, Power and Complete Training. “Coaches can leverage these classes to build a HYROX program in their gym as well as utilize the other tools on the HYROX Performance Hub, which includes video support, coaching notes and a variety of tutorials and other useful information,” Gremmen says. So you don’t have to wait for the remainder of the online courses — you can start leveraging your skills with the Performance Hub now.

2. F45

Unlike traditional gyms, F45 blends technology with personalized functional training programs that value community and personalized attention. We’re talking hyper-individualized treatment: Coaches help correct form and encourage members to modify a movement or add or subtract weight based on their fitness levels during the entire 45-minute class.

Both members and coaches find themselves motivated by F45’s workout variety and the energetic and inviting atmosphere. “There is a strong sense of community and inclusivity inside every F45 studio, which encourages members to push their limits and achieve their fitness goals in a supportive and friendly setting,” says Ryan Mayes, COO of F45.

F45 supports its coaches on and off the turf. F45 offers a dynamic career progression for coaches, so you’ll have the opportunity to develop skills to move from coach to head coach, to studio manager, to regional manager, and even to studio owner down the line.
Also exciting: F45 is all about expansion — the brand recently started integrating recovery into F45’s routines; think: mobility and stretching classes, cold plunge, sauna, and percussion therapy. F45 also just locked down a two-year partnership with HYROX. “We recognize the huge demand from fitness consumers for fitness racing and obstacle courses, and there is no better way to train for these events than by doing F45,” Mayes says.

Not only that, but F45 is also tapping into the recent Pilates popularity surge, building two other brands, FS8 and Vaura. “FS8 is our home-grown concept that combines Pilates, tone, and yoga into its own, fundamentally unique workout style. Vaura is our newest concept featuring athletic reformer pilates in a super premium, multi-sensory experience,” Mayes says. “In both of these brands, we saw an opportunity to bring to market two new concepts that are each unique and complementary to F45.”

Bottom line: There’s plenty of opportunity for growth in the F45 family, whether you’re into strength and conditioning, competitive fitness, or mind-body workouts.

3. BFT

Bodyfit, or BFT for short, combines cardio and resistance training — and optimizes it all with tech — to help exercisers burn fat and build lean muscle. Each 50-minute class is designed and led by multiple, highly accredited coaches and makes use of heart rate monitors that give real-time data for a uniquely hands-on experience.

“It’s a science-backed program that elite athletes use, made accessible for the general population,” says Steve Stonehouse VP of Education & Programming Body Fit Training.

There are 14 different class types ranging from strength to functional to core stability, so as a BFT coach, you have the opportunity to not only teach different formats — and never feel bored — but also watch your clients excel through different sessions and watch them progress along with you.

After crushing it as a coach, you can move into a Head Coach role — every studio has an HC, which adds a layer of convenience because you can stick to and move on up within your location. From there, you have the opportunity to graduate to a studio manager role or take on the Head Coach role overseeing multiple studios (depending on how many studios are in your network). “BFT’s thorough coach training programs help ensure the coaches are confident and ready to lead classes when their time comes,” Stonehouse says.

As a strength and conditioning coach, HYROX, F45, and BFT are the hottest functional fitness formats you want to keep tabs on. These programs leverage technology and community for a unique personalized approach to group fitness. The result: Nearly endless opportunities that inspire growth both in and out of the gym.


April Benshosan is a writer, editor, and content strategist with a Master’s degree in Publishing. Her work highlights her passion for responsible health journalism, and she’s been published in print and digital outlets, including Women’s Health, EatingWell, SHAPE, Well+Good,,, Abbott, and more. 

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