Top Sources of Passive Income for Personal Trainers

Here at Coach360, our main goal is to empower health, fitness, and wellness coaches with the knowledge they need to succeed. We understand the importance of diversifying your services and finding new ways to generate passive income. That’s why we’ve teamed up with ISSA to bring you an all-inclusive guide on passive income for Personal Trainers and coaches. Not only that, but we also provide valuable tips to ensure the success of these additional offerings. Let us help you take your coaching business to new heights!

As a health and fitness professional, you know that personal training is a fulfilling and rewarding career, but it often requires trading your time for money. However, there are a variety of opportunities to create passive income streams that can generate revenue even while you sleep.

In this article, we will explore various strategies, tips, and insights on how personal trainers can leverage their expertise and passion to build passive income streams, allowing you to expand your financial horizons and achieve greater freedom in your profession. Discover how you can turn your personal training business into a lucrative venture that works for you day and night.

Building streams of passive income is an excellent way for personal trainers to make more money as well as provide additional support and resources to their personal training clients. There are a variety of ways to create passive income. The following are some of our favorites.

1. Write an eBook

Do you have a special niche, extensive knowledge or experience in nutrition, or a unique perspective on a health and fitness topic? Maybe you have numerous recipes to share, a personal success story, or new techniques to share. Creating an eBook requires work on the front end, but once it is ready, you receive passive income every time someone buys your book online. 

2. Create and Sell Pre-Made Workout Programs

There are often a handful of clients who want expertise from a fitness professional but don’t have the time, location, or resources to work with them one-on-one. Although some clients may want generic workouts, consider developing workouts for specific goals or niches. For example, create a program for new moms to help them get their body back after a baby. If you create solid workout programs that have great content, user-friendly access, that are fun, safe, and effective, you can sell them directly to consumers. 

3. Create a Membership Website

Another way to create passive income is by creating a website that has membership access. You can charge a monthly or annual fee and provide access to a variety of recipes, fitness tips, workouts, resources, contests, and tools. It’s important to understand what the client’s want and need so you can create great content that they will want to access. It is possible that a membership platform will require some work throughout the process, however, because you will want to continue to add to the platform and create more value for your clients. 

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4. Hire Other Personal Trainers

If you own your own personal training business, you can scale your business by hiring other trainers to work underneath you. You can bring on independent contractors and negotiate a portion of their training fees in exchange for your support with their business (help them attract more clients, allow them to train clients in your fitness gym, etc.).

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5. Promote a Product as a Brand Ambassador or With Affiliate Marketing

There are a variety of companies that like to partner with health and fitness professionals that have a wide audience (especially on social media). Is there a certain product that you love or a piece of fitness equipment you think is incredible? You may be able to connect with the company to help promote the product to earn royalties, flat payments, or free gear. 

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6. Write a Fitness Blog and Monetize It

Personal trainers and health and fitness professionals often have a wealth of knowledge. There are a variety of companies that will pay you to display banner ads on your blog. If you have great content and can build a solid following, the blog can also become a platform that you can promote some of your other streams of income (products, e-book, etc.).

7. Create a YouTube Channel and Monetize It

Although this one may take some time and requires you to have a solid base following before you can monetize it, a YouTube channel is another great way to make passive income. Whether you create workout videos, a cooking show, or a discussion on a particular topic, the internet is one of the main resources people use to find information. And, much like the blog, YouTube can become a platform to promote and sell your other products and services to your audience. 

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Top 5 Tips for Personal Training Passive Income Success

Creating a passive income stream is more than just setting up a Youtube channel and posting some videos. There are some keys things to consider that will help you successfully generate passive income. 

1. Stay in Your Lane

One of the most important components of attracting awesome followers is having strong content. Stick to what you know. If you are going to create something that is not within your expertise, make sure you do your research and create content that is your own. 

 2. Keep Learning

The fitness industry is always growing and changing. There is always so much to learn. Make sure you are continuing to grow and learn so that you can communicate the information to your followers. That is one of the reasons they are following you!

3. Be Authentic

Be cautious about the products or companies that you promote. Promoting a product you don’t align with just to make passive income isn’t necessarily the route to go. Find products you use, love, and want to promote that are in alignment with your brand and your overall stance on health and fitness. 

4. Measure Twice, Cut Once

Although passive income shouldn’t require much work to maintain, it may require work to create before it can become passive income. Your brand, products, and content are what will draw people in. But, if your content is poor or your platform isn’t user-friendly, you will likely lose your audience very quickly. Do the work and do it well the first time!

5. Practice Makes Perfect

If any of these are new routes for you, you likely won’t be perfect with them the first time you do them. But, keep in mind, that is true for everyone. Nobody starts at the top. If you want to take on an e-book, start writing. If you want to create a Youtube channel, start creating video content. You will get better by doing—gain the confidence you need and start to piece together the things that work to make your content successful. 

There are clearly many ways to build streams of passive income! Whether you work towards one stream of passive income or build multiple revenue streams is up to you. So, if you are looking to build passive income, choose what resonates with you most and build from there. 

This article has been republished with permission. Original article was published as a blog post on ISSA online.

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