Travel Well: Empowering Your Clients with ‘Fit in Flight’ Wellness

For health coaches seeking to guide their clients through the challenges of maintaining wellness during travel, “Fit in Flight” offers a robust set of principles and practical advice. Travel, particularly international, often disrupts our regular health routines. However, it’s entirely possible to embrace Jim Collins’ “Genius of the AND” by enjoying travel adventures while sustaining health and wellness.

Here are adapted tips from years of navigating health practices across continents, which can be seamlessly integrated into your coaching toolkit and shared with clients. These strategies aren’t rigid rules but flexible recommendations to tailor according to individual client needs.

Pre-Flight Preparation:

Nutrition On-the-Go: Encourage clients to pack nutritious snacks. Airplane and airport options are notoriously unhealthy and expensive. For instance, protein or meal replacement bars, and nutrient-rich nuts like baru, provide sustainable energy. Sharing the nutritional benefits can help clients make informed choices.

Mindful Mindset: Stress the importance of setting a positive intention before travel. A meditation session focusing on gratitude and presence can set a strong foundation for the journey. Encourage clients to craft their own travel mantras to maintain a focused and appreciative mindset.

In-Flight Strategies:
  • Recommend choosing aisle seats for freedom of movement, and share simple exercises or stretches to perform during the flight. This can help clients feel more comfortable and reduce the risk of travel-related health issues.
  • Discuss the benefits of staying hydrated and moving around the cabin to improve circulation and comfort.
Upon Arrival:
  • Advise clients on adjusting to new time zones by syncing with local times as soon as possible. Quick orientation in their new surroundings can help in this adjustment.
  • Suggest grounding techniques like walking barefoot on grass or sand, known as “earthing,” to help reset their internal clock.
Maintaining Wellness While Traveling
  • Encourage exploring local physical activities, which can be a fun way for clients to stay active. Whether it’s a martial arts class, yoga, or walking tours, engaging in physical activity helps balance indulgence in local cuisines.
  • Highlight the importance of mindful eating while traveling. Using apps to track nutrition can empower clients to enjoy local delicacies within the bounds of their dietary goals.
Journaling and Post-Travel Recovery

Advocate for the practice of journaling to enhance mindfulness and capture travel experiences. This can also serve as a tool for reflection and gratitude, enriching their travel experience.

Emphasize the need for a recovery period post-travel. Encouraging clients to schedule downtime for sleep, reflection, and gentle activity can facilitate a smoother transition back to daily routines.

By incorporating these “Fit in Flight” strategies into your coaching, you can equip your clients with the tools they need to navigate health challenges during travel. This not only enhances their travel experience but also reinforces the importance of maintaining wellness routines, regardless of the setting.

Share these tips with your clients as part of a holistic approach to wellness that accommodates the joys and demands of travel. Your guidance can make a significant difference in how they manage their health on the go, turning potential challenges into opportunities for growth and enjoyment.

Let’s collaborate and share our experiences in integrating these practices into our coaching. Your insights and feedback are invaluable as we work together to promote health and wellness in all aspects of life, including travel. Share your stories and adaptations at

Nathan Hyland is an International Business Consultant, helping domestic based businesses scale to multinational (primarily in the wellness space). His primary client is the National Council on Strength and Fitness, one of the leading US Strength and Fitness certification bodies, where he oversees partnerships in over 40 countries. He is also an accomplished martial artist with three National championships in Brazilian Jiujitsu (2017, 2018, 2022) and previously ranked in Arizona State MMA’s top 10 (lightweight division). Nathan is educated in both business and wellness with his MBA/BSBA (Duquesne University) and MS in Exercise Science (CALU). He holds NCSF’s Certified Strength Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Coach, and Certified Nutrition Coach.

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