Unlocking Holistic Health: Kathleen Ferguson’s Vision with Coach360

What if you could predict and prevent a client’s injury before it happened? What if you could offer ultra-specific exercise prescription based on their exact genetic makeup to prevent disease and maximize results? With whole genome DNA sequencing technology, you may be able to do both very soon. 

Join Kathleen Ferguson, Founder and CEO of Coach360, on the DNA of Things Podcast as she sits down with Dr. Jeremy Koenig to discuss the tremendous potential of DNA sequencing in unlocking a new level of holistic health for all.

Dr. Koenig holds a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology with additional postgraduate education in molecular genetics and serves as a leading business advisor in the realm of DNA sequencing for health and fitness companies. In this episode, Ferguson and Dr. Koenig explore possible applications of this burgeoning technology and how health and fitness coaches can use this data to empower their clients with a hyper-focused plan based on actionable insights gleaned from your client’s DNA. They also highlight the importance of advanced education opportunities for health and wellness coaches and the vital role that community plays in professional coaching development. 

The future of fitness is here, and it’s all about data-driven personalization. Listen to the episode here. 


Meg Lambrych, RN, NASM-CPT, PN-1
Meg Lambrych is a registered nurse, personal trainer, and nutritionist with 15 years of experience helping people reach their goals and expand their knowledge. She now works as a freelance health writer, partnering with innovative brands to educate and inspire readers in the digital publishing space.

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